The CRED is run jointly by the Institutes of Economics, Geography as well as Marketing and Management. These institutes, in turn, implement the equal opportunity plans of their respective organizational units and faculties. Therefore, equal opportunities is a central pillar of all CRED activities. The following aspects are particularly worth mentioning: 

  • Personnel selection: The aim of CRED is to adhere to a gender-neutral personnel selection and for diversity. For instance, two out of the four CRED research units are led by women: Prof. Heike Mayer (CRED – Geography) and Dr. Monika Bandi (CRED – Tourism).
  • Promoting young researchers: For CRED, it is essential to support young researchers in general and young female researchers in particular. Our dedicated measures include financial support for conference participation, etc. and we offer research seminars in which young researchers present their ongoing work. 
  • Work-study balance and the recognition of care: At CRED, the balance of academic work and private life is very important. We enable innovative work models such as part-time work and job sharing. 
  • Non-discrimination: CRED seeks to avoid any form of discrimination in the context of work and studies.
  • Better science: CRED signed the Better Science Initiative as one of the first institutions. We support the Better Science calls for action such as highlighting extra-academic work, taking time to think, putting quality before quantity and enabling a healthy academic culture.