About us

At the Center for Regional Economic Development (CRED) we study the determinants that influence the development of economic areas. We engage in teaching, research and consulting. The CRED is interdisciplinary with a clear focus on applied questions at a high scientific standard. In February 2012, the CRED started its activities as an interfaculty competence center of the University of Bern.

It is run jointly by the Institutes of Economics, Geography as well as Management and Entrepreneurship of the University of Bern. The CRED consists of four research units: Economics, Entrepreneurship, Geography and Tourism. Within the Swiss universities, the CRED is the only institution which combines the perspectives of economics, economic geography, management and tourism while focusing specifically on the spatial dimension of economic development.

The director of the CRED is Prof. Maximilian von Ehrlich (head of the research unit Economics), deputy director is Prof. Heike Mayer (head of the research unit Geography). The research unit Entrepreneurship is headed by Prof. Artur Baldauf, and the research unit Tourism by Dr. Monika Bandi Tanner and Dr. Marcus Roller.