Quality assurance and development (QAD)


The Center for Regional Economic Development (CRED) contributes to establishing and maintaining a quality assurance and development program which fulfils national criteria and standards for institutional accreditation. Therefore, quality assurance and development (QAD) is one of the goals in the performance mandate established for the CRED by the university management. At annual strategy meetings the CRED shows what progress has been made on the way to achieving the set goals during the respective performance period. 

Responsibilities, instruments, processes 

The responsibility for QAD lies with the CRED executive board. It makes strategic decisions and decides on budget, staff and curricula. Details are regulated in the CRED's procedural rules. All members of the CRED are integrated into QAD according to their function. There is a biannual meeting at which all members have the opportunity of participating.  

CRED: Organization chart
Organization chart