Written theses

We are very pleased that you are considering writing your thesis with us.

At the CRED, students majoring in economics can write both Bachelor's and Master's theses. We are working on a range of interesting topics where students could contribute and rely on our expertise. You can find an overview here.

If you would like to write a paper with a focus in geography, you can find more information here

Information about written thesis in tourism can be found here.

Writing a bachelor's as well as master's thesis with a focus on economics


To write a successful thesis, you must have a strong interest in the topic. We, therefore, strongly encourage graduate candidates to identify their research topics and questions. We are happy to support you in narrowing down the topic and in identifying a relevant research question. We are also happy to assist you in finding the appropriate research literature.

A research question very often starts with an observation, for example, increasing investments in certain areas despite increasing risks related to climate change. What are the reasons for the market agents to behave like this? Is their behavior perhaps even optimal from an individual perspective? To get an understanding of the underlying causes economists often analyze if there is any kind of market or state failure involved. Does the behavior of market agents have consequences for the entire economy? What are possible solution mechanisms to internalize potential externalities? What is the role of the government in this?

As soon as you know what interests you the most, we can make an appointment to specify the topic further. You can find a list of formerly written theses here.

There are four possible submission deadlines per year for choosing your topic:

  • January 15, March 31, June 30, and September 30

You are expected to submit a summary of the idea with references to the most important literature (1-2 pages).

Please also send us a list of the courses you have had in economics so far.

Before getting started with writing your thesis please consult our guidelines and instructions. We also provide you with a template for writing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis.