Center for Regional Economic Development (CRED)

Innosuisse Start-Up Training

On behalf of Innosuisse, the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship offers the start-up training modules BUSINESS IDEAS (Module 1) and BUSINESS CONCEPT (Module 2).

Key facts:

The offer is aimed at advanced students, researchers and other university staff with ideas and start-up intentions for a knowledge- or technology-oriented company. Entrepreneurial action and thinking are trained and the course prepares theoretically as well as practically for the foundation and management of one’s own company.

Module 1 (Business ideas – feel the start up groove) is a 2-hour motivational event for university members. Module 2 (Business concept – get the start up toolbox) is a regular evening course for university members and students.

In Module 2, participants learn to think and act like an entrepreneur, acquire a comprehensive skill set for starting their own business, and experience the fascinating development process from the idea to a business model.


Module 2 in Bern takes place from March 22 to June 14, 2022. In the fall term 2022, the module will start in mid October.

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