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Seminar Datum  Referent/in Thema 
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 05.06.2024 Lukas Hauck Filtering as a viable Source of Housing for low-income Households?
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 24.04.2024 Frédéric Kluser The Apple does not fall for from the Tree: Intergenerational Persistence of Dietary Habits
Bern - Heidelberg Workshop on Urban and Spatial Economics 19.04.2024 Diverse Programm
CRED Kick-Off Event 2024 16.02.2024 Diverse  Programm 
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 14.02.2024 Elisabeth Preyer Mortality Decline and Economic Growth: The Jamaica Paradox
VWI Brown Bag Seminar  06.12.2023 Lukas Hauck  Distributional Consequences of Rent Regulation 
VWI Forschungsseminar 04.12.2023 Temo Anda  Generative AI for synthetic data: creating privacy-preserving mobility populations.
Forum Raumwissenschaften 2023 26.-27.10.2023 Diverse  Programm
Bern - Heidelberg Workshop on Urban and Spatial Economics 19.10.2023 Diverse
CRED Forschungsseminar 11.09.2023 Diverse Programm
Gastvortrag (Workshop) 21.06.2023 Prof. Fabian Bernhard

EDHEC Paris 

Self-conscious emotions and entrepreneurial behavior, intent and execution across cultural regions
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 24.05.2023 Carla Coccia

University of Bern

Improving the quality of education in developing countries: An experimental evaluation of teacher training programs in El Salvador
VWI Forschungsseminar 22.05.2023 Jorge De La Roca

University of Southern California

Skill allocation and urban amenities in the developing world
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 29.03.2023 Pierre Magontier

University of Bern

The Fragility of Urban Social Networks
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 08.03.2023 Frédéric Kluser

University of Bern

Intergenerational Nutrition Patterns and How to Break Them
CRED Forschungsseminar 13.02.2023 Diverse Programm
Forum Raumwissenschaften 2022 24.- 25.10.2022 Soziale Kohäsion und die gebaute Umwelt: Was hält uns zusammen?
Gastvortrag 18.10.2022 Sabine Kollbrunner and Marc Plancherel

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

New Regional Policy in Switzerland – challenges and opportunities
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 28.09.2022 Pascal Troxler

University of Bern

The Impact of Weather Forecasts on Ski Demand
Gastvortrag 27.09.2022 Prof. Dominique Foray

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)

Smart specialization strategies – insights gained from a unique European policy experiment
CRED Forschungsseminar 12.09.2022 Diverse Programm
VWI Forschungsseminar 13.05.2022 Sun Kyoung Lee

Yale University

European Immigrants and the United States’ Rise to the Technological Frontier
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 11.05.2022 Costas Arkolakis

Yale University

Combinatorial Discrete Choice
VWI Forschungsseminar 28.03.2022 Ferdinand Rauch

University of Oxford

Asymmetric Trading Costs and Ancient Greek Cities
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 23.03.2022 Frédéric Kluser

University of Bern

Spatial frictions in consumption and retail competition
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 23.02.2022 Eunjee Kwon

University Cincinnati

Why Do Improvements in Transportation Infrastructure Reduce the Gender Gap in South Korea?
CRED Forschungsseminar 16.02.2022 Diverse Programm
Forum Baukultur 24.11.2021 Prof. Dr. Max v. Ehrlich
Prof. Dr. Christian Hilber
Prof. Dr. Olivier Schöni
On the long-term determinants of urban form – an economic analysis
VWI Forschungsseminar 15.11.2021 Pierre-Philippe Combes

Paris School of Economics

Measuring land use changes by (machine) learning from historical maps - The emergence, growth, and stagnation of cities: France c. 1760-2020
VWI Forschungsseminar 01.11.2021 Ines Helm

Stockholm University

The Dynamic Response of Municipal Budgets to Revenue Shocks
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 29.09.2021 Dr. Marcel Henkel

University of Bern

The Unintended Consequences of Post-Disaster Policies for Spatial Sorting
CRED Forschungsseminar 15.09.2021 Diverse Programm
Forum für Universität und Gesellschaft 15.09.2021 Prof. Dr. Heike Mayer


Verdichtung – Eine wirtschaftliche Chance für kleine und mittelgrosse Städte
regiosuisse-Wissenschaftsforum 13.09.2021 Irmi Seidel
Tina Haisch 
Hugues Jeannerat
Heike Mayer
Wachstumsunabhängigkeit – eine neue Leitlinie für die Regionalentwicklung?
Forum Raumwissenschaften 2021 16.08.2021 Prof. Dr. Heike Mayer

Prof. Dr. Max v. Ehrlich

Thema 2021: Nutzungsplanung: entsorgen – rezyklieren – neudenken

VWI Brown Bag Seminar

19.05.2021 Dr. Simon Büchler

University of Bern

Quantifying Land Use Regulation and its Determinants - Ease of Residential Development across Swiss Municipalit (Zoom)
VWI Forschungsseminar 17.05.2021 Kirill Borusyak

University College London (UCL)

Non-Random Exposure to Exogenous Shocks: Theory and Applications (Zoom)
VWI Forschungsseminar 26.04.2021 Yanos Zylberberg

University of Bristol

Industrial clusters in the long run: Evidence from Million-Rouble plants in China (Zoom)
Humangeographisches Kolloquium 20.04.2021 Dr. Marcin R. Rataj

University of Bern

Entrepreneurship and Aging: An Economic Geography Perspective (Zoom)
VWI Forschungsseminar 12.04.2021 Dirk Foremny

University of Barcelona

Paraísos Fiscales, Wealth Taxation, and Mobility (Zoom)
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 31.03.2021 Preetha Kalambaden

University of Bern

Intergenerational Mobility in Switzerland: Evidence from large administrative Datasets (Zoom)
CRED Forschungsseminar 15.02.2021 Diverse Programm (Zoom)
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 02.12.2020 Pascal Troxler

University of Bern

Strategic Investments in Mountain Railways (Zoom)
VWI Forschungsseminar 02.11.2020 Sebastian Siegloch

University of Mannheim and ZEW

Direct, Spill-Over and Welfare Effects of Place-Based Policies: Evidence from Investment Subsidies in East Germany (Zoom)
CRED Forschungsseminar 17.09.2020 Div. Programm
Munk School Online Event
Prof. Dr. Heike Mayer
Prof Dr. Shiri Breznitz
Prof. Dr. Donald Siegel
Dr. Elvira Uyarra
COVID-19 & the impact on higher education: What does the future hold?


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VWI Brown Bag Seminar 27.05.2020 Preetha Kalambaden

University of Bern

Child Care and Parental Employment: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment (Zoom)
Humangeographisches Kolloquium 26.05.2020 Dr. Ben Davies 

Bath Spa University

Reflections on Q Methodology: Theoretical and Practical Considerations
Humangeographisches Kolloquium 05.05.2020 Dr. Mathias Jehling

Leibniz-Institut, Dresden

Vom planerischen Ziel zum räumlichen Prozess: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Analyse städtischer Verdichtung
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 08.04.2020 Dr. Marcel Henkel

University of Düsseldorf

The Role of Key Regions in Spatial Development (Zoom)
Humangeographisches Kolloquium 17.03.2020 Dr. Flurina Wartmann


Exploring cultural landscape values and sense of place using interdisciplinary approaches
VWI Forschungsseminar 09.03.2020 Raphael Parchet

Universita Della Svizzera Italiana

Who Bears the Burden of Local Taxes?
Humangeographisches Kolloquium 03.03.2020 Dr. Anna Butzin 

Westfälische Hochschule

Forschungsansatz Innovationsbiographien: Raum-zeitliche Erfassung von Wissensgenerierung in Innovationsprozessen
CRED Forschungsseminar 10.02.2020 Div. Programm
Forum für Universität und Gesellschaft 14.08.2019 Dr. Jean-David Gerber


Beitrag zum Forumsgespräch zu „Verdichten als Chance“
VWI Brown Bag Seminar 08.05.2019 Anja Grujovic


Tasks, Cities and Urban Wage Premia
VWI Forschungsseminar 06.05.2019 Yannis Ioannides

Tufts University

Endogenous Social Networks and Inequality in an Intergenerational Settings
VWI Forschungsseminar 08.04.2019 Nadine Riedel

Bochum-Ruhr Universität

Spatial Tax Enforcement Spillovers: Evidence from South Africa
CRED Forschungsseminar 26.02.2019 Marcus Roller, Chantal Julen, Reto Bürgin, Miriam Ganzfried Programm